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iTool Solution Sync software keep product data in sync between ePosNow and your online store. Our system is bespoke, which means that we can modify it to suite individual needs of your business.

We can help you

Analyse your business and base on the results we can offer tailored solution, which works for your business. Our mission is simplifying procedures and makes work easier.


Dont' be afraid

Our prices are very competitive, because we do not have too many overheads working as small team. It doesn’t mean we can’t take big projects, but it means running small number of projects to meet deadlines. You don’t need to look any further to find company, who deliver complex solutions in affordable prices with personal NOT corporate approach...

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No company size limit

Regardless of the company size you can approach us as we do not have the limits.

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No minimum spending

There is no limit in terms of the minimum order value.

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No artificial packages

Our services are bespoke depending on your needs, so we won't tie you into one of the artificial packages, which is not suitable.

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No fix term contracts

Our services are not license based. You pay for what you have ordered and you decide whether you want fix term contract or not.

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No hassle

No hassle to deal with many IT providers - we can cover most of your IT needs.

eCommerce Maintenance Milton Keynes

No problem

We can deal with it for you.

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