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We are exerts in WHOLESALE industry, and retail is piece a cake

We speak a language that you can understand even if you are not tech-savvy.

We are not afraid of complex projects which other Agencies don’t want to take on.

We are experts in the wholesale industry and we have built our own solution to link systems that others couldn’t link with.

We overcame problems that others couldn’t.

We know how importers and wholesalers operate and we have created many bespoke solutions for them specifically.

We don’t limit ourselves to not limit you and we don’t say no, even to the smallest businesses.

We have built unofficial retail websites and kept customers of our customers happy…😊

We have built official retail websites, which had to be approved by managers of well known celebrities who cooperated with our clients.

We have done it all and now we want to work with you.

Our competitors also provide the websites, but you will have to pay for life, and if you stop paying, they will leave you with nothing.

Constant phone calls and emails related to stock availability?

Endless Credit Notes for sold out items and Disappointed Customers?

Every eCommerce business suffers from those problems, and we have solutions for it.

  • Online Orders need to be processed in Stock Control or Accounting Systems.

This brings challenges such as:

  • Many hours of laborious work to input multiple orders with multiple lines.
  • Outdated stock information and delays in processing orders.
  • Lots of room for errors.
  • Keeping up-to-date stock levels and uploading new products.

This often becomes full time job as it should be done often. Failing to keep your website up to date can result in:

  • Selling items, which already have been sold through different channels e.g. email or phone call. This can cause customer disappointment and loss of confidence in shopping online.
  • Losing sales by selling items that are not available, so not utilizing full customer budget and generating extra work for credit note processing.

iTool Solution SYNC Software keeps the product information up to date by:

  • Automatically updating website stock figures to reflect constantly changing stock levels.
  • Automatically importing web orders into the back-office system e.g. SAGE

iTool Solution Team can be part of Your Team.

We will support your activities. There is no issue we can’t resolve, so you can relax and utilize your time for other things.

iTool Solution websites come with unlimited support and money-back guarantee to assure you that our product is fit for purpose!

You are never alone we are your team, so your online operations are smooth and successful.

Your success is our success.

Smart, easy to navigate ordering process which can be automatically put into your accounting system.

Key features include:

  • Orders are placed into SOP (Sales Order Process) and allocated.
  • Quick ordering using stock codes.
  • Save baskets for logged in customers.
  • Basket quotation builder.
  • Customer order tracking.
  • Multiple payment methods supported: account, credit/debit card
  • Optional Guest Checkout or Registration for returning customers
  • Analytics and reporting on sales & customers
  • Gift Voucher purchase, management & redemption system
  • Plus and Minus Buttons to add multiples of the pack sizes

Provide your customers with live stock availability.

Key features include:

  • Stock positions displayed in the best way to fit your business needs.
  • Allow backorder when items are out of stock.
  • Display due in dates.
  • Supports BOM (Bill of Materials).

A dedicated b2b eCommerce platform requires dedicated features to meet the specific needs to trade customers.

Built specifically to address the concerns of b2b businesses.

Key features include:

  • Sell on account – orders go directly into Sales Order Processing.
  • Product price list and discount structures.
  • Order adoption to allow your customer service team to adopt the order and run it through for the customer while they are on the phone.
  • Trade account request & approval mechanism
  • Trade account management (restrictions, pricing, multiple purchasers)

Provide your customers with all the product details they require to make purchasing easier.

All the information is pulled through from your accounting software so you only have to enter the details once if they are not already there.

Key features include:

  • Full product details including name, description and images.
  • Product codes including nominal information, part numbers and barcodes.
  • Selling price, RRP and promotional options.
  • Cross-sell options with alternative products and often bought with examples.
  • Product analytics (e.g. best/worst performers)
  • Customer review submission & management (moderation)

A smart, easy to use eCommerce website is key to create an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Everything you need to improve your website accessibility and rankings in search engines.

Key features include:

  • CMS (content management system) to give you full control over your website.
  • URLs which are formatted to show understandable names.
  • Easy to set up search engine algorithms including keywords, title tags, Alt tags and more.
  • Support with Google Analytics
  • Localisation (translation & multi-currency)

A complex set of shipping options to suit all your b2b delivery requirements.

Shipping can be complex in the b2c area but for b2b with large orders that may involve pallets, it is even more complex.

Key features include:

  • By weight / volumetric weight
  • By value
  • By number
  • By postcode or country zone
  • Product-specific shipping for heavy or awkward items


We empower wholesalers to ensure the best customer experience by offering complete eCommerce design and customisation to suite B2B and/or B2C requirements.


As a UKFast partner we do offer best market rates for high quality and reliability website and email hosting as well as wide range of cloud services.


We can integrate your eCommerce website to sell via multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon, Tesco etc. and automate it, so you receive online orders directly into your back office system such as SAGE, XERO, QUICKBOOKS and many more.

two shops one old in black and white colours and modern looking shop in full colours. Writing suggesting to upgrade to be ahead of the competition.


Old website needs new look or additional functionality? Do you need to Migrate from Magento ver.1.x to Magento ver.2.x? No problem. Sometimes upgrade is better than complete new website if you are high in SEO rank!


We can take care of your website by fixing any errors, run maintenance tasks like updates and backups. Secure your website and your customers data. Remove viruses leaking sensitive information…

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We offer maintenance subscriptions tailored to specific needs. Starting from basic tasks to make sure your eCommerce website is running nice and smooth up to constant updates such as SEO content writing, Google Analytics, improving conversions, Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns.

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