G-volution: A Celebration Of Our Successful Client

With revolutionary technology in the environmental and transport sectors, the G-volution team has unleashed their ‘Tiger from the Bengal’. Addressing climate change and reducing carbon (and cost) while delivering clean air sets them securely on the pathway to net zero. The Bangladesh Minister of Rail, His Excellency the Honourable Nurul Islam Sujan, MP has requested G-volution to deliver feasibility, to be followed by a pilot project to revolutionise the entire Bangladesh Transport system.


Key Outcomes

  • The first environmental technological export opportunity in the history of the Britain-Bangladesh relationship.
  • Plans in motion to convert the entire fleet to lower carbon technology, delivering lower running costs and cleaner air, sustainably.
  • The UK’s Department of International Trade to lead the world in green technology by supporting the project with green finance with the UKEF.

Challenge: Brexit and Global Pandemic

The G-Volution have had to wrestle with hurdles created by Brexit and the current Global Pandemic, the most difficult of which we ease of travel. The proactive team was able to enlist Her Excellency Saida Muna Tasneem the Bangladesh High Commissioner and UK MPs Greg Smith, and Stephen Hammond in their quest, who are assisting them with developing their patented British technology and implementing it into the Bangladesh Railway.

What Next: Moving Forwards with Force

February will bring the first major steps towards completion – starting the feasibility study and setting the roll-out plan for the rest of the fleet this year.

E-Commerce Impact: iTool Solutions’ Role

In order the serve this multi-billion-dollar economy with such a large feat, iTool Solutions are developing the entire e-commerce platform going from manufacturers to implementation, reducing the time taken for such large projects to receive and deliver orders, as well as visibility across the whole supply chain. We are delighted to be the trusted technology partner in this world-changing project and are looking forward to providing the technological support that G-volution needs when they spread globally in the coming years.


Read their press release here


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